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Full name: Rebecca Elizabeth Marie Barlow

Nicknames: Becca

Birthday: November 24, 1979

Hometown: Elgin, IL

Family: Vincent [father], MaryAnn [Mother], Joshua & Sabrina [Brother & Sister in law], Caleb & Emma [Newphew & niece], Alyssa & Lauren [sisters] Barlow

Instruments: Guitar, bass, piano, some drums and random instruments most people haven't heard of... (thank you Miss Hardt!)

Guitars: Tacoma Chief & it's from Seattle, WA. It's extra light and with fishman pickups. [spray paintd red]. I picked it up 2 years ago at a guitar store and just fell in love with it. A Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul would be my dream guitar. I have a Strat and I dont realy like it that much..but my Fender Tele is fantastic the tones are amazing, who would have thought!! Even though I love gibson I am hooked on fenders.. I'm up to 3 of these guitars!

First Guitar: The first electric guitar I ever owned was a Sigma SG, so it looked like a Gibson SG, but it sounded like garbage, and it was the worst thing ever. But my first acoustic guitar was a 72 Yamaha SG 180, and it was an old, beat-up acoustic guitar, and it was just garbage, but it sounded great!

Dreams: Have a horse ranch in Wyoming, Drive a 69 Bronco, open a classic car repair shop, and a coffee house, Visit Ireland, Play every instrument, be a Producer, Start a modest clothing line and to someday finish restoring my 56 Ford


Bible story: Esther

Books: The Bride Rhonda Calhoun, The Fire of Delayed Answers Bob Sorge, Ecclesiastes, Acts, and Revelation

Drink: Chai

Guitar: Gretsch Silver Jet.

Ice Cream: Vanilla bean and Moose Tracks

Movie: Mulan(Disney), Star Wars Trilogy, MST3K

Stores: Marshall Fields, Great Scott, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.


Biggest Pet Peeve: When people are annoyed when you chew.

Dream Duet: Jon Foreman [Switchfoot]

Greatest Influences: ( besides mom and dad) Joyce Meyer, Josh Harris, Todd Bentley, Darlene Zschech, Bob Sorge, Mike Bickle, Eric and Leslie Ludy, Delirious.

Hobbies: auto mechanics, making specialty coffees for anyone who stops by, quilting, cutting hair for anyone who wants a hair cut, doodling, tae-bo, culinary arts, reading , fixing anything I can get my hands on, painting, Pictionary. And also plays basketball ["Becca looks so intense that it would make me quit" Warren of Silver's Bald]

If you could ask God one thing when you get to heaven, what would it be? I would ask Him what happened to the dinosaurs.

Useless Talents: playing the accordion.

Wishes she had written: Let It Be, by the Beatles Edit Text

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

Quotable Quotes

"Music saturated every part of my life, but I didn't appreciate it until I was 16 and decided after a family gathering that I wanted to play guitar. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I practiced it hours a day. Gradually, I began to play other instruments as well. Music was for my own enjoyment. When God asked me to use it for Him, I then began to see the bigger picture."



Eating disorders for some reason seem like such an enticing disease.
It gives an easy answer to so many problems.
Not feeling beautiful? Thin is beautiful
Feeling fat?.. you wont if your thin
Feeling unloved? If your thin you will feel loved and lovely.
I heard it, I believed it, I lived it.
At 17 I was so discouraged with life. I was unhappy with Rebecca and who she had become. I had struggles with self hate and depression and I was desperate for an answer. Anorexia seemed the easy answer. At first when the pounds melted away people began to notice and comment on my new form I felt I got what I was promised.
Yes! I was finally feeling lovely, Yes! I was feeling confident!
But after the rush died down and the weight was harder to lose I became obsessed.
Then the lovely turned to ugly again and the thin was 10 more lbs to reach.

These days turned to months of turmoil then there I was. I still felt fat, ugly, unlovely and now I had a disease!
That realization shook me into reality.
Anorexia lied to me, it didn't keep its poisoned promise. Realizing I was back in the place I started I broke down. I felt I was beyond all hope and truly hit rock bottom that day.
In my desperate state, sobbing on the floor in my bedroom I turned to the lord. Until this time I didn;t truly know the Lord. Yes, I called him savior but He was not my own, He was not my faith.
But that day my eyes were opened, I knew with out a doubt that if I turned to him that day he would TRULY fill the need that I had. And I found that He was good to his word. That day was the last of the eating disorders and began the process of healing my emotions. I started studying the bible and reading books, hungry for this God that I hadn;t known before. And through my hunger I was healed.
Every so often the thought that Eating disorders will solve my problems becomes enticing again. But I just have to remember what God took me through. And that what the world offers is just a quick counterfeit of what God has for me.
So here, I finally complete my struggle in a nut shell

bio credit: michelle