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Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Quotable Quotes

"I think [Alyssa] and I made a pact when we were born that we would always laugh at each other's jokes whether they were funny or not ( they usually aren't). We have been laughing at each other ever since"

"Lets see what you beautiful people look like when you dance."

"Well I have a bald spot on my head... Right on the right side,It was weird I just never grew hair there... When I was in our theater group, people used to rub it for good luck. It's almost like I'm part troll. I hate troll's. Sorry if I offended any trolls..."

"I picked up the drums, just picked them up one day. On accident, I guess. Just cause it was fun."

"He's using three normal girls from Elgin, IL, who have nothing to offer apart from Christ. We were all ready to go do our own thing, and He called us and turned us around and said, 'I have something for you to tell the world.'"


bio credit: michelle


Full name: Lauren Ashley Nicole Barlow

Nicknames: lo lo, shno, odie, od's, lowie, loads, lodie, princess, beautiful

Birthday: July 29, 1985

Hometown: Elgin, IL

Family: Vincent [father], MaryAnn [Mother], Joshua & Sabrina [Brother & Sister in law], Caleb & Emma [Newphew & niece], Becca & Alyssa [sisters] Barlow

Intrests: Puppies, rainbows, diet mt.dew, rock and roll, stuffed animals, chocolate chip cookies, shamu, Animals, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, being the baby, Lord of the Rings, nice people, and the moon?

Instruments: Drums, piano Vocals

Shoes: Yep I love Chucks. I have two pairs, I think. Black highs and red lows. Ahhh, it the Barlowgirl colors. I need some pink one's though. Well, I don't NEED them. Want would be a better word.

Dreams: There was this one time I had a dream about a clown and a marionette that were coming to get me.... and...I'm not sure any of you even care...My dreams that don't take place during the dark hours of the night time include-Living in California studying marine biology and working at Sea World, study astronomy, work at NASA, or play Rugby.

Like to Meet: Joan of Arc, Apostle Simon Peter, George W. Bush, and LIV TYLER!


Animals: any animal that bites, smells, and needs me completely

Bands: Hanson, Relient K, Avril Lavinge, TobyMac, Third Day, PFR, Beatles, "ME! My Band! BarlowGirl!!"

Books: Lord of the Rings all three of them (yes I am obsessed!!! and I've picked Alyssa to be Gollum), Bible, Book of Psalms Extravagant Worship – Darlene Zchesch, any Deep Thoughts books

Drink: Diet Mountian Dew

Food: Pizza, Chinese Food, mountain dew

Ice Cream: Oreo.

Movies: Lord of the Rings, All Dogs go to Heaven, Little Mermaid, Any MST3K episode

Other stuff: Walking My Dog Mollie, Reading , Snowboarding (ok so I did it once and have the scars to prove it), Coloring, swimming, any Sports

Stores: Wet Seal, H&M.

Worship Song: Hallelujah (Your love makes me sing), Better is One Day


Biggest Pet Peeve: wearing socks on carpet

Dream Duet: Todd Agnew

If She could ask God one thing when she gets to heaven it would be: I wanna ask him how He was just here, like, who invented God. That's always bugged me since I was a kid! In The CD Player: All 3 Relient K, Frank Sinatra, Switchfoot

Most Embarassing Moment: getting a drumstick stuck in my hair in the middle of a song, in front of a bunch of people in the industry.

Useless Talent: Can make her tounge into a W